Platform Features

Build your e-commerce management system on a rock solid monitoring platform that can track and get reports in every price change that your competitors make

Price monitoring

Automatically track any product on any online store using Shopify.

CSV products import

Track an unlimited number of products from one place in real time for your store.

Unlimited competitors

Monitor an unlimited number of competitors to make sure that you have the best price for every product in your store.

Easy to use platform

No need for any tech-heavy setup. Get started monitoring prices in under 2 minutes. With PriceWay is super easy to track, import and monitor your competition all from one place.

We update the prices 4 times a day to make sure that you one step before your competition.

Why our clients love us

Razvan A.

Quick setup, awesome support, and impeccable accuracy.

The quick setup allowed me to monitor thousands of my competitors' products, saving me a lot of time and money.

It is very easy to find your products, your competitor products and price increases with this software. Bulk uploading URL's is also amazingly efficient and saves an unbelievable amount of time.

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